"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Weekly Health Update: June 25th, 2012

Mental Attitude
Impressionable Youth. Alcohol is responsible for 4,700 deaths per year among young people under the age of 21. At least 14 studies have found that the more young people are exposed to alcohol advertising and marketing, the more likely they are to drink, or if they are already drinking, to drink more.
Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, May 2012

Health Alert
Oxygen and Cancer. A new study suggests the primary cause of uncontrollable tumor growth in some cancers may be hypoxia (low oxygen levels in cells) and not genetic mutations, as is widely believed.
Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, May 2012

Be Careful What You Watch. Researchers digitally removed the names of fast food chains from their commercials, showed them to young people ages 15-23, and asked them to identify which restaurant chain each commercial represented. Even after controlling for the total amount of time spent watching TV, young people whom correctly identified more than 50% of the restaurants were twice as likely to be obese compared to those whom did not.
American Academy of Pediatrics, April 2012

Not Enough! On average, Americans spend only about 2 hours each week participating in sports and fitness activities. The CDC recommends adults aged 18-64 get about four hours of physical activity each week by exercising moderately (ex: brisk walk) for 2.5 hours per week and engaging in a vigorous activity, such as running and muscle strengthening, for 1.5 hours per week. 
American Time Use Study, May 2012

Did It Move? If there is no “popping” sound accompanying an adjustment, did the joint move? Try this: “Pop” one of your knuckles and notice how far the joint moves. Try again, and even though the joint moves just as far, there is no sound. So, whether a joint “pops” or not does not correlate with if it moved or not. Of course, it is possible that the surrounding muscles are so tight, the joint cannot be moved enough to “pop” that joint.

Rolling Down The Highway. Heart attack death rates are 27% higher for people living within 100 meters of a major roadway, compared to those who live at least 1,000 meters away. Living close to a highway is associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomes in those with underlying cardiac disease. Besides air pollution, exposure to noise could be a possible mechanism underlying this association. 
Circulation, May 2012

“Perfection of means, and confusion of aims,
seems to be our main problem.”
~ Albert Einstein

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