"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Weekly Health Update:

Mental Attitude
The Benefits of Adding a Mental Health Component to School-Based Teen Health Programs. Incorporating a mental health component into school-based health programs could be a key to lowering obesity, improving grades, decreasing severe depression, and reducing substance use. This observation was based on a group of high school students who participated in a program that emphasized cognitive behavioral skills in addition to nutrition and physical activity. Researchers noted that compared to their peers who received standard health lessons, study participants experienced decreases in body mass index, demonstrated improved social behaviors, achieved better grades, and consumed less alcohol. 
The National Institute of Nursing Research, 2013

Health Alert
Strong Link Between Mental and Physical Illness. A 10-year study revealed that people with a mental illness are ten times more likely to develop a physical illness such as metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and cardiovascular, viral, and respiratory diseases. 
St. Michael's Hospital, September 2013 

Edible Coatings For Fruits and Vegetables. New edible films for fruits and vegetables allow for the exchange of gases and other features that maintain freshness, flavor, aroma, texture, and nutritional value. If the foods are handled under sterile conditions when they are cut, these coatings provide the same protection against bacteria as the fruit or vegetable's natural skin. The edible coatings can either be sprayed on foods or the foods can be immersed in the liquid coating after cutting. The finished fruits and vegetables can then be sealed in containers and sent to consumers. American Chemical Society, September 2013 

Get Out and Play! Increasing leisure-time exercise from under one hour a week to just four hours a week may result in a 19% lower risk for high blood pressure. The researchers note that recreational exercise has a more positive impact on hypertension than physical activity associated with work. 
American Heart Association, October 2013 

Chiropractic is an Effective Treatment For Sciatica Patients. A year-long study compared chronic sciatica patients with symptomatic lumbar disk herniations who received either a microdiskectomy or 21 chiropractic visits. The researchers found that 60% of the patients who received chiropractic care benefited to the same degree as those who underwent surgery. The study's authors recommend that patients with a symptomatic lumbar disk herniation try chiropractic first, before considering surgery. 
Journal of Manipulative Physiologic Therapy, October 2010

MRI May Predict Heart Attack and Stroke Risk in Diabetics. Sixty-five patients with diabetes underwent a contrast-enhanced whole body MRI. Researchers then followed up three years and six years later to assess the rate of major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular events such as a heart attack or stroke. Patients who had vascular changes on the MRI had a 20% greater risk for a major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular event at three years and a 35% greater risk at six years. 
Radiological Society of North America, September 2013

“If my life is going to mean anything, 
I have to live it myself.” 
~ Rick Riordan 

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